Stull’s Thou Shalt Not!

Another composite piece assembled with a certain level of non-awareness in the black vacuum of time by the freaks in Stull. Just in time for Halloween!

Clawing/Catafalque split out now!

Out now courtesy of Trepanation Recordings. Cassettes are almost gone! Streaming and digital download for your displeasure are available. Drone, doom, gloom and more noise than you can shake a rotten stick at! Get it!

Stull’s Dust and Butter

Dust and Butter is the third installment in a series of composite pieces by my trio Stull.

Original percussion/field recording concept recorded by Tracy. Stephen and Jeff responded to Tracy’s piece separately, with no awareness of each other’s track beyond that. Jeff put the various parts together, massaged them into being all that they truly could be, and here are the completely bizarro results.

Recording finalized 7/8/19 at The Subversive Workshop.

Tracy Harris – percussion, keyboards, kazoo, vocals & field recordings
Stephen McClurg – synth/keys, bass & art
Jeff McLeod – synth & massage

Calques’ Old Man tapes out now!

From the To Live A Lie Records site: “Weirdo industrial noise, grind, black metal ala Sissy Spacek from Montgomery, Alabama. This will truly melt your face.” That’s the new Calques tape in a nutshell. It also features your truly on space sickness/cosmic nightmare guitar. I’ve got a handful of tapes in, so contact me directly, if you’d like to snag a copy from me! Otherwise, you can get them direct from To Live A Lie Records. You can also preview a new track on the To Live A Lie Bandcamp site, and check out the whole thing at Cvlt Nation, who describe it as “death-ridden black noise.”



Another assemblage of Stull…

Originally a raw percussion/field recording concept recorded by Tracy. Stephen and Jeff worked on responses to Tracy’s piece separately, each writing in the key of E (mostly for the gargling) with no awareness of each other’s track beyond that. Jeff put the various parts together, massaged them into a little further being, and here are the truly weird results. Free listening and downloads on the Stull Soundcloud page. Be sure and follow for new tracks and updates.

Recording finalized 5/14/19 at The Subversive Workshop.

Tracy Harris – percussion & field recordings
Stephen McClurg – synth & art
Jeff McLeod – synth & massage

An assemblage of Stull…

Tear Kettle is the latest Stull track up for streaming and free download on Soundcloud. It’s a sound collage piece of sorts, made of three parts: Tracy’s percussion track and two responses from Stephen and myself created with no awareness of each other beyond the agreed-upon key. The result, we think, is pretty killer. More details on the site! Enjoy, but take a few tissues . . .

While there on Soundcloud, be sure to follow to get the quickest updates about new Stull tracks as they arrive!

Recording finalized 3/26/19 at The Subversive Workshop.

Tracy Harris – percussion & sample
Stephen McClurg – organ & photo
Jeff McLeod – guitar & massage

Collaboration with vylter

scum piano sand guitar is, at its heart, a piano and guitar piece–but this whirlwind collaboration with multidimensional artist vylter will amazingly tear itself apart and reconstruct itself right before your very ears! Out now for streaming and download via vylter’s Bandcamp page.

This music fell into place very quickly and with the most excellent results.

I Borrowed Your Axe

Yours truly on guitar on track 10 (“Rash Of Infertility”) on this crazy collaboration with my friend Bret Hart and ’80s DIY icon Tom Furgas! An extreme gathering of outsider guitarists!

Tom Furgas: Mixcraft Pro Studio 6 software
Bret Hart: guitar, percussion, StrumStick, cheap keyboard, Ebow, field recordings, arrangements
with guest frontal guitarists:
Bill Brovold [t2]
Don Campau [t7]
Nick Didkovsky [t4]
Jerry Ford [t6]
Eric Hausmann [t5]
Bob Jordan [t3]
Jerry King [t8]
Jeff McLeod [t10]
Pete Zolli [t9]

gowith Heralds in the new year…

I’m very happy to share a new gowith recording with you in this new year! Heralds is the result of a lengthy day of recording that we whittled down to just the stuff that floated out boats in the best ways. Marshall and I are really pleased with the way this one turned out, and offer it to you for streaming and download on our Bandcamp site. We hope you dig this dark, freaky, dismal little journey into 2019.