Skreephasia, Gezoleen, Shadow Code…

Still filling in the cracks backwards on my website discography. Today, there are three oddities from the year 2000 that I’ve recently posted to Bandcamp. The first is Skreephasia’s Dark & Secret Way, which is a very cool collection of live electronic performances that I wrote and recorded for my lovely wife Vonda. The second is an oddball Gezoleen live piece called Bone Road, which is not noise rock at all. I was using the name for a few guitar performance pieces well before I ever used it for the crazy, screaming noise that it became. More Gezoleen (both this style and the other) is on the way. The last one is Shadow Code’s imp book. It’s a sprawling piece of sometimes bizarre sonic experimentalism, and is something that I’d kind of forgotten that I’d done. All now up for your listening pleasure! I’m in the home stretch on the website now, only needing to complete years 1999 back to 1993. Onward!

Solo guitar & Hemogoblins

Two more cracks filled in my ongoing quest to get my website discography complete back to 1993. These two are from the year 2000. The first is a solo recording called Expend from a live baritone guitar & looping set from Atlanta, GA called Expend. And the second is the self-titled recording by my free improv wacko noise trio The Hemogoblins. More live Hemogoblins recordings are on the way. Hope you enjoy the racket!

Ye Shall Be Cut Into Many Pieces & Black Spaces Between Stars

I’m still going backwards through all my recordings and filling in gaps in my website on my way back to 1993. Here are two big old slabs of craziness for ya. Ye Shall Be Cut Into Many Pieces is the collage-meets-weirdo-songs collection result of the entire year 2000 spent recording 10 seconds of sound every day. And Gezoleen’s Black Spaces Between Stars is a giant mountain of noise and screaming. I’ll be adding to that mountain soon, so stay tuned. You can even pick up the original CDs on site, if you swing that way. Hope ya enjoy the racket!

Saragashum’s Evil Trinketry

I’ve just posted a little Evil Trinketry on Bandcamp. These are previously unreleased demo recordings of the last songs we wrote in Saragashum, my instrumental noise/math/prog/loud-as-hell band . These were recorded quickly and crappily sometime in 2003, and are probably not fit for human consumption, but whatever. We played these much better live after these were recorded, but I figured this would be of interest to a small group of freaks out there somewhere. Enjoy!

Saragashum at the time were:

Chad Baker – drums
Jeff McLeod – guitar
Adam Vincent – bass

Fresh cover art done up real nice by Austin Gaines.

Two new Vyathist tracks!

After a long wait from our last recording in 2011, Faceless, Dreamless, Shane and I have finally finished two new Vyathist songs and have released them on Bandcamp as Two Sects. Do you like metal? Do you like the author Thomas Ligotti? If so, then check out these two heavy-as-hell tracks. Even better news is that more stuff is coming, perhaps with an even more fleshed-out band…

More Saragashum on Bandcamp

In my continuing chronologically backwards quest to get my website discography complete, I have filled in yet another gap. This time with an earlier incarnation of my noise math metal instrumental band Saragashum’s The Devil’s Chordbook from 2002. I’ll probably put a few live and demo tracks up as well, but this is the only other studio recording from the band. Streaming and downloads on Bandcamp. Crank it up and enjoy!

Liquid Brick on Bandcamp

In my ongoing effort to fill in the gaps on my website, I’ve updated yet another older recording. This time it’s Space Shuttle Cock by Liquid Brick from 2008. This was recorded live at Zero Return Studios in Atlanta, and it’s probably the best-sounding thing we ever did. Lots of variety and insane walls of chaos buffered by some lovely (in their own way) moments of musicality. The download is totally free, so please grab this long out of print album of instrumental industro noise craziness. I really miss playing with these guys.

I’ll be adding many more Liquid Brick recordings over time, so keep any eye on the Bandcamp page.

Saragashum on Bandcamp

As I’m rebuilding my website backwards and hitting some older releases, I’ve realized that some music isn’t out on the web anymore. So, I’ve made a Bandcamp site for my instrumental noise/math/loud as hell band Saragashum. The first thing available there is The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, which features the lineup of Chad Baker on drums, Shane Gillis on bass and myself on guitar and synth. You can even order brand new, shrinkwrapped copies of the physical CD. I hope to post previous Saragashum recordings soon, along with some live and unreleased tracks. Enjoy!