My friends in Twin Volt!

I did the mastering job on this album just released by my friends in Twin Volt, and I have to say that I can’t get these songs out of my head. The whole things has a great feel and flow, and the songs are catchy and timeless. Truly excellent playing from all the guys in the band as well. Just wanted to post here so that you can get your ears around some great music!

New Candi Scissors video!

Here’s a new video from Candi Scissors from The Candi Scissors EP for the song “A World Underneath.” Candi describes the song as “an alchemical quackfest about a dabbler who put their faith in magic and alchemy only to be defeated by a pathetic poof in the end.” The CD will be out in November on Trepanation Recordings. Preorder, download and stream on the Candi Scissors Bandcamp site.

Candi Scissors is:
Candi Scissors, Marky Horror & Weird Larry

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Jeff McLeod at The Subversive Workshop, March 2020 – April 2021

A fave from Paper Angels…

Had this track on my mind today. A favorite from our latest Cesspool Dreams release Paper Angels. Chugging, warped guitar riffage drills down into the muck for some evil diamonds. Matt Finney speaks…

you wound me
you know it?
sweetie pie

i’m not really all that awful
i’m not all wolf ears

and wolf teeth
and black gums
i’d give you the crescent moon
you know i would

we had our secrets
it made it special
but i wouldn’t devour you
not all of you anyway

New Cesspool Dreams out now!

I’m extremely excited to announce that the first full-length and cassette from Cesspool Dreams is out now on Somatic out of Austin, TX! Paper Angels features six lushly-bleak songs from Matt Finney and myself, and we hope you will take this dark journey down into the cesspool of life with us. Paper Angels is available now on a limited edition cassette, streaming and for downloads. Layers of subtle electronics couple with guitar soundscapes, riffage and solos–all weaving in and out around Matt’s voice and forlorn texts. We are exceedingly happy with the dynamic sound and the rich ebb and flow on Paper Angels. Somatic probably describes it best:

As a Follow up to January’s track “Memory Piece” Alabama duo Cesspool Dreams have created a brooding debut body of work entitled “Paper Angels”. Each track ties together a narrative of harrowing despair in the underbelly of the American South where lonely towns, restless nights and a crippling blackness spindle like stalks of corn in the psyches of wandering souls. Dirges of synth careen through Jeff McLeod’s beautifully dark minor scale guitar passages devising a fit setting for Matt Finney’s(Opal Tapes/The Flenser) spoken word as all directs us towards an inevitable demise. “Paper Angels” is a bleak, modern observation of rural Southern United States. It is the sound of a vast emptiness in the humid night sky. The track “Halo” is up for streaming via Bandcamp.

Bad Calm Zero’s Vligi

It’s been 20 years since the brilliant guitarist/soundscaper Scott Bazar and I got together to make some noise under the moniker Bad Calm Zero. We are excited to say that we’ve finally made some new music since that recording (Btiam) two decades ago! Vligi is a tight little collection of noise, experimentalism, drone and, oddly enough, guitar melodicism. It’s quite direct and to-the-point, filled with small, dark details. Scott devised the creepy cover, and it just fits the music so well! We are so happy with this recording, and we hope you’ll give it a listen. We believe that it has lovely moments of stark beauty that many “experimental” releases simply do not have. You can pick up Btiam for free right now as well!

New Bad Calm Zero Friday!

This is the first new stuff from Bad Calm Zero in 20 years! Way back in 2001, the amazing Scott Bazar and I recorded an album called Btiam. It was a stone groove and a crazed weekend of inspired noise. Don’t know why it’s taken us so long to do another, but it has been worth the wait. Vligi features 8 new tracks of weirdo guitar mayhem, peppered with walls of noise and massive synthesizers. We figured we’d go on and put it up for preorder will the full album being available Friday. Preorder now and get the track “Bookends” immediately–and you’ll get your download link for the full album on Friday! Hope you enjoy it half as much as we enjoyed making it!

Forgotten tunnels from 2014

Lately, I’ve been finding lots of things that I’ve forgotten about . . . and my solo album from 2014 Endless Tunnels is one of them, it seems. It was released by Canada’s GBS Records way back then, and here’s what they had to say about it:

One of our favorite sound sculptors, an alchemist of tones and drones, here it is in its full scope, Jeff’s second album for GBS Records : Endless Tunnels.

Jeff’s been honing his craft for a while now, and it shows. Through his band No, or side projects and collaborations with countless musicians, the music is sharp, effective and scary. The end result is a 4-track foray into the occult, mysticism, and the dark arts. Endless Tunnels indeed. Enjoy this masterpiece of sound sculpting and drones…

Performed, processed & recorded live, using a MicroBrute and csGrain, at The Subversive Workshop, Nov. 2013 – Jan. 2014.

Tracks 1 & 4 appear on KVVL Radio, which features music for playing the boardgame Cave Evil.

Skryxl video dose of improv mayhem!

From my improv trio Skryxl’s 2008 recording Everything Looks Better On Fire on WM Recordings. Video assembled by Skryxl bassist Marshall Marrotte. Here’s what he says about it:

I just took the first and last piece from our recording (Everything Looks Better On Fire) and bookended them with the second piece from ELBOF. I just cut parts of the videos that worked on the bookended pieces and then used the animation piece from the beginning because it synced pretty well with the song.

All pieces in the public domain from……

Skryxl is aggressive free improv doom-core from the Southern USA, featuring Marshall Marrotte on bass, Jeff McLeod on guitar and Jeremy Trotter on drums and harmonica. All tracks were recorded live in single takes on a single day in 2008 in a small room of the drummer’s home in Tennessee. This is music in the moment, pulled from another world and delivered to the head with an ugly hammer blow.

Skryxl’s 2010 recording Faith-Based Dentistry is available from Mushmud.

Another Candi Scissors vid!

I just realized that I totally forgot to post a second Candi Scissors video that was released on the anniversary of Richard Ramirez’ death. Please enjoy “Next To Women’s Feet (The Eyes Have It).” You can download the Candi Scissors EP now, and preorders are up for the CD, which comes out in November on Trepanation Recordings.