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More Isolation Jams

Archives of the my three Isolation Jams on Mixlr are available pretty quickly each day on my Bandcamp page after each performance, in case you missed them and want to listen or download them (for free!). The third one is now up for your listening and downloading pleasure. Follow me on Mixlr to get notifications of upcoming Isolation Jams each day, as the start time will likely be moving to 12pm Central time next week.

Isolation Jams Archive

I will be archiving each Mixlr Isolation Jam on my Bandcamp site during the coronavirus pandemic. The first performance from 3/24/20 is available for listening and a free download right now! Be sure to follow me on Mixlr for notifications of future live Isolation Jams as they happen! Enjoy! More to come!

Isolation Jams

Live Isolation Jams on guitar archived here! More coming live soon!

Follow me on Mixlr for more live performances like this one archived on Soundcloud. If you follow, you’ll be sure to get notified of all upcoming Isolation Jams. Then you can tune in live to hear them come into existence right before your hairy ears…

gowith Heralds in the new year…

I’m very happy to share a new gowith recording with you in this new year! Heralds is the result of a lengthy day of recording that we whittled down to just the stuff that floated out boats in the best ways. Marshall and I are really pleased with the way this one turned out, and offer it to you for streaming and download on our Bandcamp site. We hope you dig this dark, freaky, dismal little journey into 2019.

New gowith out now!

Dreams Really Can Come True, the latest recording by my ambient/drone guitar duo gowith, is out now for streaming and download on Bandcamp! These two tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered completely on analog tape. We recorded at Zero Return with Jim Marrer, who also did the photo image for the release.

To celebrate the new release, all previous gowith recordings are available for free or a pay-what-you-want download!

Universal Field Recording 1

Still going through the previous gowith recordings, as we await the final master of the latest recording session. The new gowith, which was recorded to tape at Zero Return by Jim Marrer and mixed and mastered completely to tape in the analog domain, should be in our hands any day now. Until then, here’s our last one, captured live at Sunbrimmer Records in Avondale Estate, GA.