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Clawing’s Living Together & Black

Living Together & Black, the latest latest 2-CD set by my group Clawing, has just been released by the U.K. label Trepanation Recordings. Bleak drone & skeletal guitar figures meet power noise & the haunting spoken word of Matt Finney. Living Together is a deep study of a dissolving relationship (with incredible photography by Gretchen Heinel), while Black finds the group exploring self-isolation and Goya’s last days (cover photography by the awesome Stephen Wilson at Unknown Relic). Digital downloads and orders of the limited 2-CD set are available now!

Clawing double CD preorder

The new Clawing double CD is up for preorder courtesy of the UK’s Trepanation Recordings. This includes both Black & Living Together. This release has been a long time coming, with Living Together specifically going through a few different labels and many forms of attempted censorship, due to its lovely & compelling imagery.

You can preorder the professionally-manufactured double CD featuring both Living Together and Black in 4 panel lancing packaging here. Both albums are available digitally as well.

Thanks again for your time and ears!

Liquid Brick vids…

Here are two new videos for a couple of old Liquid Brick songs. LB was a industro/junkist/noise/improvisational group that I made racket with for a while in the early 2000s. These tracks are from my favorite recording that we did, Space Shuttle Cock. Videos by Paul Wilm. Word is that there are at least a couple more on the way that incorporate even more of the visuals/projections that we used in our live performances. Enjoy!

Solo guitar & Hemogoblins

Two more cracks filled in my ongoing quest to get my website discography complete back to 1993. These two are from the year 2000. The first is a solo recording called Expend from a live baritone guitar & looping set from Atlanta, GA called Expend. And the second is the self-titled recording by my free improv wacko noise trio The Hemogoblins. More live Hemogoblins recordings are on the way. Hope you enjoy the racket!