The ‘I’m Sorry’ response

A nice, thoughtful post by Josh Carples.

josh carples

The recent debate between Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ and the Creation Museum’s Ken Ham has once again brought into public discourse the subjects of science and religion, and with those subjects again in the public discourse, atheism is inevitably brought up.

But this post isn’t about the debate. It’s about people.

Last year, I was walking toward the entrance to a grocery store one evening when I was stopped by a young woman. There was a table in front of the entrance with some anti-bullying literature.

The woman informed me that they were asking for donations to continue a private, anti-bullying campaign in schools, led by a local singer. I asked if there was some literature I could take and read over so I could learn more about them and what they’re doing. As another lady went inside the store to make more copies of their fliers, we continued…

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