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The Hard Gospel

My friends in The Hard Gospel have an incredible new recording just out today on Bandcamp! Check it out below. Vocals by yours truly and killer lead guitar by Shane Gillis on the last track!


Not an apologetic catch-up…

Oh, this feels like one of those “I haven’t blogged in a long time” sorta things with this one, but I am going to forge onward in a very free way, and not bother catching up . . . unless the following feels like catching-up.

I have written a few more weird things at The Five Hundred . . . and you can find them there, with a little spelunking, if you are so-inclined. Did that need to be hyphenated? I like it that way . . . so I think so. Am I using too many ellipses? Or is it ellipseses? Smeech? Brandon? Marvin?

I don’t know what I think about the new Interpol. Hell, I didn’t know what I thought about the last Interpol. Is this everyone’s experience who used to or perhaps even now still likes Interpol? Does this matter?

I have been enjoying the latest Opeth quite a bit, and I don’t know why any former fan of them is any more outdone with this one than they were with Heritage. Come on! It’s good! Have you forgotten what good is? Have you not seen this coming? Please!

I like this video by Naam. Maybe it’s old news, but I think it’s pretty awesome.

Prince & 3RDEYEGIRL have a new recording called PLECTRUMELECTRUM that is rockin’.

I’ve finished up a crushing new noisedrone piece called “Thoss” due out on a new split cassette later in the year from my fine friends at GBS Records in Montreal.

I’m also working on a collaborative track of sorts with my friend Dylan Sparrrow in NYC! Check out some of his stuffs on Bandcamp!

I feel like my blogs will have this format/non-format for a while. Maybe it’s stupid, but maybe I haven’t blogged in so long because blog is such a stupid word. And also because I felt like it had to have some kind of format. Maybe all this is stupid. Form is emptiness is form is stupid is emptiness is blog is stupid.

Nothing is as stupid as The Memory Hole, however. Stupidly brilliant. I will leave you with one of their offerings into the nothingness, and let you dig deeper.

The Hard Gospel

thgcoverI wanted to do a proper review of The Hard Gospel’s The Commandments Of Morality, but, since I had the honor of getting to go in to do some guest vocals on a couple of the tracks during their recording sessions, I felt a little funny about that. So I scrapped it.

I do have to tell you that this is one of my favorite recordings this year, though. Not just from local/regional bands either. A favorite. Period. When I was at the session, I only got to hear the tracks that I was working on. None of the others. When I downloaded the full-length, I was floored by what I heard.

It’s a fantastic recording, rich with ideas, cross-breeding genres and shoving them right through the wall with punky/metalized/rocking intensity . . . with a thematic arc that pulls everything together. Artwork by the amazing Neal Williams of Epic Problems is truly integrated with the music and is a finely-detailed cherry on top of something that is already well beyond sweet and satisfying.

Give it a listen on The Hard Gospel’s Bandcamp page. It’s pay what you want, and you can certainly pay zero to download it . . . but I would encourage you to directly support artists who care enough to work this hard on something that is of such high quality. It truly rocks, and is riddled with fine ideas and great playing and singing. I find myself listening to it over and over again, each time a little bit happier and well-rocked than the last.