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Stull’s Dust and Butter

Dust and Butter is the third installment in a series of composite pieces by my trio Stull.

Original percussion/field recording concept recorded by Tracy. Stephen and Jeff responded to Tracy’s piece separately, with no awareness of each other’s track beyond that. Jeff put the various parts together, massaged them into being all that they truly could be, and here are the completely bizarro results.

Recording finalized 7/8/19 at The Subversive Workshop.

Tracy Harris – percussion, keyboards, kazoo, vocals & field recordings
Stephen McClurg – synth/keys, bass & art
Jeff McLeod – synth & massage

An assemblage of Stull…

Tear Kettle is the latest Stull track up for streaming and free download on Soundcloud. It’s a sound collage piece of sorts, made of three parts: Tracy’s percussion track and two responses from Stephen and myself created with no awareness of each other beyond the agreed-upon key. The result, we think, is pretty killer. More details on the site! Enjoy, but take a few tissues . . .

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Recording finalized 3/26/19 at The Subversive Workshop.

Tracy Harris – percussion & sample
Stephen McClurg – organ & photo
Jeff McLeod – guitar & massage