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Stull’s Thou Shalt Not!

Another composite piece assembled with a certain level of non-awareness in the black vacuum of time by the freaks in Stull. Just in time for Halloween!

Another assemblage of Stull…

Originally a raw percussion/field recording concept recorded by Tracy. Stephen and Jeff worked on responses to Tracy’s piece separately, each writing in the key of E (mostly for the gargling) with no awareness of each other’s track beyond that. Jeff put the various parts together, massaged them into a little further being, and here are the truly weird results. Free listening and downloads on the Stull Soundcloud page. Be sure and follow for new tracks and updates.

Recording finalized 5/14/19 at The Subversive Workshop.

Tracy Harris – percussion & field recordings
Stephen McClurg – synth & art
Jeff McLeod – synth & massage

An assemblage of Stull…

Tear Kettle is the latest Stull track up for streaming and free download on Soundcloud. It’s a sound collage piece of sorts, made of three parts: Tracy’s percussion track and two responses from Stephen and myself created with no awareness of each other beyond the agreed-upon key. The result, we think, is pretty killer. More details on the site! Enjoy, but take a few tissues . . .

While there on Soundcloud, be sure to follow to get the quickest updates about new Stull tracks as they arrive!

Recording finalized 3/26/19 at The Subversive Workshop.

Tracy Harris – percussion & sample
Stephen McClurg – organ & photo
Jeff McLeod – guitar & massage