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Take a trip to The Southern Hells

The Southern Hells, the latest recording by my instrumental prog band Witchchord, is up on Bandcamp today! 9 expansive new tracks, with even more focus on guitar and riffage than before. Once again Shea Goodwin delivers on the perfect hand-drawn imagery to complement the sounds! Stream, download and get your ears around this twisting, ever-morphing batch of songs.

New Witchchord on Bandcamp!

Materialize, the latest recording by Witchchord is out now on Bandcamp. This is our second release, and, while still instrumental and proggy, it’s a bit darker and heavier. Once again, it features the talents of Shane Gillis on guitar and keys, Tracy Harris on drums, Tom Sellers on keys and yours truly on bass. Artwork once again was done by Shea Goodwin. If you’re looking for some freaky prog rock, give it a listen and maybe a download!