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Many things crammed into a small space…

A Kickstarter campaign just went live today for a box set reissue of the first three recordings by one of my favorite ’90s noise rock bands Craw. Journalist Hank Shteamer (who I’ve known since those ’90s noise rock days) has planned an ambitious reissue for this Cleveland band’s long out-of-print material: a 6-album box set, limited to a release of 100, with some very nice incentives for serious fans of the band. Doing something like this is so expensive, so if you were ever a fan of this band, I urge you to go help out. There’s a nice overview of the band for those who aren’t familiar with all the excellent, darkly noisy, totally unique music that they produced.

Also, the latest batch of flash fiction from The Five Hundred is now up. This is a writer’s group I’m in, where we get a prompt each month that we respond to in 400-600 word submissions. This month’s prompt was “It slipped my mind.” My response is Recentering. Once again, my favorite stories were from my friends Matt Wilson (the beautiful White Walls) and Stephen McClurg (the excellent Like The Ones I Used To Know).

In celebration of my release of Joyless Noise, the first volume in a series of noise releases, competitively-priced at $1 . . . ALL the music on my Bandcamp site is now available for download for the same low price. I would appreciate your support, as I work toward two new releases looming on the horizon. I’ve finished up a new drone release called Endless Tunnels, due out on Montreal’s GBS Records (who also released I Wonder What Ever Became Of Me and Without Hope) later this spring. And I’m well on my way with work on Joyless Noise, Volume 2.

This weekend, my trio No is heading to Sarcophagus Studios in Auburn, AL to record three new songs with Jamie Uertz, who we worked with on our last release Scum Commodities. And Baghouse, the improv trio that I play guitar with from Athens, GA, will be playing at this year’s Secret Stages Festival in Birmingham, AL on Saturday, Aug. 2. Details on all of this are soon to follow!

Current listening:

Atriarch – Ritual Of Passing

Beastmilk – Climax

Djam Karet – Regenerator 3017

In Solitude – Sister

Inquisition – Ominous Doctrines Of The Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm

Inquisition – Obscure Verses For The Multiverse

New flash fiction & noise horizons…

500 ImageThe February submissions for The Five Hundred, a flash fiction writing group that I participate in, have just been posted. This month’s prompt was “Tear it down and try again.” My story is Last Days In The World Of Legs. We also received a special 100-word prompt this month of “A thousand days gone.” My submission for that one is Body/Steam. The group is joined this month by two of my friends and fellow bloggers Stephen McClurg and Matt Wilson. Steven’s In The Cup Of The Beholder and Ghazal For The Missing, and Matt’s Off Air Dreams are the best of the entire batch, in my opinion.



Joyless Noise Cover - Vol 1

I’m also just about ready to release the first in a series of noise recordings call Joyless Noise. The series artwork over on the left was created by Austin Gaines. This first volume was created mostly with analog synthesizers, and will feature a collaborative track with Dylan Hawes-Glynn from The Most Amazing Century Of Science. Each release in the series will be available on Bandcamp for $1. More details as the release approaches.



Also, Beastmilk’s Climax is great! 

In Solitude’s Sister is amazing, too… 

As is Oranssi Pazuzu’s Valonielu…