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Obscure Gezoleen tracks…

Two obscure Gezoleen tracks collected here for your displeasure. “Deep In The Dim” was exclusive to the 2004 Hydra Head Records/Double H Noise Industries double CD Where Is My Robotic Boot? “Unmakery” was exclusive to Tapes Of A Neon God‘s 2012 Blsphm/Gezoleen/Hadals/Knoll split cassette.

“Deep In The Dim” was recorded by Jeff McLeod at The (old) Subversive Workshop’s blue room in 2003. Mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance. “Unmakery” was recorded by Jeff McLeod at The Subversive Workshop in 2011.


Clawing/Offerbeest Split out now!

Two of the finest practitioners of unsettling and enveloping audioscapes team here for varied takes on drone, noise, and sonic wrangling.

Alabama’s Clawing is a collaboration between the prolific trio of Jeff McLeod (Gezoleen, Saragashum, Bert) Austin Gaines (Calques, Hadals, Japanese Women), and poet / spoken word artist Matt Finney (It Only Gets Worse). Their work here is an expansion on the ghostly world conjured on their masterful debut, Spectral Estate, with an unsettling aura that rests atop a current of anxiety and contemplation.

Offerbeest is one of the many guises for Dutch artist Maurice de Jong, perhaps best known for his work in the twisted black metal / experimental terror that is Gnaw Their Tongues. With Offerbeest, Maurice relies on analog synths to conjure bleak passages through demon haunts. High quality cassettes (edition of 100), digital downloads and streaming courtesy of Portland’s Nailbat Tapes.