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A successful foray into the void, where a film (that I cannot recall) was playing minus sound, which we instantly provided, forgetting where we came from and not worrying about where we were going to.

A little update…

wuogThis Thursday, I’ll be playing live on the air with Baghouse in Athens, GA for WUOG’s Live In The Lobby. We’ll be making some noise at 8pm ET. Tune in, if you wanna give it a live listen!

Also, the latest batch of flash fiction is up now at The 500 writing group site. The prompt this month was “Leave your worries at the door.” My submission is How Many Tomorrows.

More soon!


Baghouse & Craw

Baghouse mockup

Nope . . . it’s not a law firm. Just two bands. One that I play with. One that I’ve always loved seeing live and listening to.

I’ve got a new recording with the Athens, GA trio Baghouse out now on Bandcamp. It’s called Lirpa in Gripple Grapple, and it was recorded exactly a year back from the release date of April 13. It was all done live with no overdubs, like all of our recordings. Its dense and weird, and definitely bursts out into uncharted space on every piece. I play the Moog guitar and do some intensive live looping with the Echoplex Digital Pro. I hope you’ll give it a listen when you have the time. It’s a free/pay-what-you-want download as well.

Also, the Kickstarter campaign spearheaded by journalist Hank Shteamer for reissuing the first three recordings by the awesome Cleveland band Craw is 8 days away from finishing . . . and is not even halfway to raising the funds needed. If you were ever a fan of this killer band, I really hope you’ll give this all a look and lend your support. There are many nice incentive packages, and you can pledge as little as you want. I hate to see this great idea and great effort fail. Please help, if you can.