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Free Musicks Floating In A Ghost Town

Been working hard on another volume of Joyless Noise. Submitted a finished track called “Fog Dial” to the awesome Psycho Raidio. And, yes, that is the way it is spelled. It’s a channel that streams music to play played alongside a killer boardgame called Psycho Raiders. But that’s another story…

Speaking of stories, I’ve got a creepy little thing at The Five Hundred called Seneth.

I’m hoping to have Joyless Noise, Volume 3 competed and available by Xmas. In preparation for this, and in joyless celebration of cheapness in a cheap world, I’ve changed all my Bandcamp music back to a free/pay-what-you-want model. Piles of music and hard work out there for anyone who cares or wants it.

I’m gonna stack some players up for your listening (dis)pleasure. Try playing them all at once. At work. Or to run off people who won’t leave your house. Or as a soundtrack backing up you doing something bad.

Two types of Food Fights

Food-Fight-FlyerA bazillion years ago, I was obsessed with the Atari arcade game Food Fight. Mostly because . . . well . . . it was just so weird. In Food Fight, you’re Charlie Chuck, and you’re trying to get to an ice foodfight_boxcream cone located across the board so that you can eat it with your crazily-expandable head and mouth . Along the way you are attacked by vicious chefs, and you have a variety of foodstuffs to use as weaponry sitting around in what appears to be a black void. No other game in the arcade at the time was quite as bizarre. It felt totally random each time I played it. Ridiculous instant replays made it even better. You just never knew what was going to happen, and even when you’d get a replay back showing you something really nutty that you’d done in the game. Rather than explaining it in greater detail to you, I’ll just let this guy show you the machine and tell you all about it…

There’s even more detail about Food Fight at the American Classic Arcade Museum, if you want to read up on it.

Lately, I’ve been playing another Food Fight, which has nothing at all to do with the ancient Atari version. This one’s an iOS version of a physical card warfare game where you pit armies of cartoonish, humanized foodstuffs against each other. It’s lots of fun to play, but it all feels a little bit automated, not really letting you draw from the decks, etc. It’s made me really want to play the physical version of the game, though, so I’ve been considering picking that up. Here’s a vid about the iOS version…

crunchetacox655x955The graphical style of this particular Food Fight is really excellent. The game’s theme and personality really shine through, and I can tell that the mechanics of the game would be great fun . . . were I able to control more of them. I’ll probably grab the boxed version of the game eventually (and the Snack Attack expansion, which the iOS version does not offer), but the iPad version is a nice, cheaper alternative–if you’re not into physical card and board games so much. I am–so I’m looking forward to playing this one for real. Board and card games in general have really been making a comeback at my house, but that’s for another blog.

In the meantime, do a little food-fighting, if you’re so inclined. Probably be hard to find an actual Food Fight machine (although I’ve played one in the last few years at the incredible FunSpot in New Hampshire!), but the iOS version is available from Playdeck, and the boxed version from Cryptozoic.