Remembering Lemmy

A friend’s excellent post regarding Lemmy.


It’s 1997 and I’m showing up way too early for a show again. Not many years before, I’d spend nearly every weekend here in Atlanta seeing some metal or thrash act. Now I had a full time job and was three years into twenty. I didn’t get out as much, but tonight I had the chance to see Motorhead.

For a metal devotee, going through life without a Motorhead show under your belt just left things a little bit unfinished. In these days where “scenes” still strongly colored the musical universe, Motorhead founder Lemmy Kilmister was just about the most iconic representation heavy metal had to offer. Icing on the cake, 80s shock rockers WASP were co-headlining the evening.

My early arrival treated me to a sheet of paper taped to the church-like door of The Masquerade announcing Lemmy was hanging out to have beers with fans in the club…

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  1. brandon_machine

    Pretty good read. I got your text the other day, made me laugh pretty damn loud. When I read it, it was early in the morning and I didn’t want to reply and risk waking you up, so I figured I’d reply later and just now realized my shitty memory. I should try to make that album cover. Too bad I can’t make it here at work. What you got going on in your world right now? I’m doing my same ole same ole Dad, work, try to play in the band, play some games thing. Dana bought me a Banjo for Christmas. So I’m going to try to tinker with that and see if I can actually use it well enough to strum so chords. I know about four chords on it now. The open g, G7, D7 and C. So I can play Oh Susanna. One of these days, you need to come over and hang out at my new house for a minute. Maybe Thursday or Friday week. If you’re wanting to hang out. We can play acoustic guitars or play games or something.

    Date: Sat, 2 Jan 2016 04:48:59 +0000 To:

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