More about the Craw Kickstarter . . . which is very, VERY close to happening! Great live recording of the band in 1995 in St. Louis here, too!

burning ambulance

The Ohio-based band Craw made four albums between 1993 and 2002. The first three—their 1993 self-titled debut, 1994’s Lost Nation Road, and 1997’s Map, Monitor, Surge—all went out of print as quickly as they appeared, and have never been reissued since. But now, writer (and occasional BA contributor) Hank Shteamer and Northern Spy Records are teaming up to put these albums on deluxe double vinyl in a six-disc box, accompanied by a deluxe photo book. This set will be funded by a Kickstarter campaign that runs until June 2.

Craw are a fascinating band. They evolved significantly from album to album. On the debut, their music has the churning aggression of fellow mid ’90s middle American acts like the Jesus Lizard or Cows, with occasional elements of grunge worked into the corners and frontman Joe McTighe howling and shrieking like a hardcore vocalist having a nervous breakdown. On

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