I am abandoning social media, and here’s why…

I once believed that I could connect it with the things I create in some kind of useful manner. I know now that it is a truly useless tool.

I want to make real connections. Social media disconnects me. Social media disconnects me from myself. A time-sink. A life-suck. I get nothing from it other than a distinct, gut-level feeling that it is something that I do not want to be a part of.

After Friday, January 17, all of it will be deactivated and I will only be using this blog and my website to share the things that I make. If you’re interested at all, I would love for you to subscribe to this blog, and I invite you to come find new music, performance dates and whatnot on my personal website. I’m easily-contacted from both of these places. I would love to hear from and stay connected in a more real way with anyone who cares about what I do.

I can share somewhere else than on this joke called social media.

Jeff McLeod

fini - harmony drawing



  1. Stephen McClurg

    Bravo! I wish I could abandon them again, but they are they only way for me to stay in touch with several important pieces of my writing life. I’ve loved the updates here and am subscribed.

  2. plasticmusic

    Hi Jeff, Here’s to hoping it works. I’ll try to tune in as often as my easily distracted concentration allows. Been enjoying the music I’ve heard lately and hoping to hear more. Haven’t finished going through to Suckbuddy, but I will soon.

    later gator!

  3. Marshall E Marrotte II

    Man, I was just getting ready to write you tonight to let you know I was probably going to not post my stuff on Tumblr in the future. How was your gig this weekend?



    • Jeff McLeod

      You had the right idea all along, Marshall.

      The show was great! That’s a fantastic-sounding room. Everyone sounded amazing, and everyone played so well. A real good time.

      Thanks, man.

  4. Vonda McLeod

    Following in the way of chat rooms and myspace, facebook and other SMs have become dull, stale and boring. It is sad that some people feel they can’t go on without a “social” connection that is not even social at all. I welcome real conversations. Conversations where I can touch my friend’s hand, look into their eyes and feel what they are feeling. I will even supply the coffee!

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