Moving on towards noise…

photo (13)Last night I mixed tracks on my new recording until my ears were completely burned out. I’m making up for lost time because, when I sat down to get started on the last leg of this year-long recording (the final release in a trilogy of recordings that began with Under Dim Self in 2011 and continued with Scalps Of Gods in 2012), I had gear failure . . . which meant I had to spend money and time getting back up to mixing speed. A screeching halt. Immediately. I work with gear from the dark ages of digital recording. I don’t use a computer workstation. I’ve got an old, outdated Roland 16-track, and I have to mix down to a standalone CD Recorder. That was what died exactly at the moment when I sat down to start my final mixes. You can imagine my reaction…

Yesterday, my new (used) CD Recorder arrived courtesy of eBay,  so I got set back up. I managed to get three of the nine tracks mixed, but I had to start from scratch on one of them because where I had left it was simply not working. The tracks are all great-sounding, and I can’t wait for folks to hear them, but I really want to be done so that I can move on into other sounds, expanding on some ideas that I’ve been mapping out for a series of noise releases next year.

Moving on is why I self-released Migration Of The Device, which was something I was hoping would be out on a vinyl split this year. I wrote a little more about it in a previous blog, and just did a 5-question session with our local paper. That particular recording had been complete since February, so just to get it out of the way and move on, I put that up on my Bandcamp page.

Got a new synth coming, too, that I’m planning to add into my noise arsenal for 2014. An Arturia MicroBrute!

Also getting ready to record a couple of new songs with my trio No with Jamie Uertz (of Hematovore) at Sarcophagus Studios in Auburn soon, too. More on that after it happens next month.

So . . . just a little update, really. Heading to see Alice Cooper here in town Halloween night! Show review will be posted here! Hope you all have a great Halloween!


  1. Tim

    Jeff, I gotta say the start of this blog entry sounded like the lyrics of a new Smith’s song “Last night I mixed tracks on my new recording until my ears were completely burned out. I’m making up for lost time .. Ohhh, I’m making up for lost time…” (Ha ha, Funny, no, really?) Hey, keep “moving on” with the upgrades, man!!! (Aside, I’m pretty sure Ujiie moved several beer bottles off the table before he started his recording)

      • Tim

        That would be the best thing Morrissey has done in a really long time — but he’d probably drive you crazy. Speaking of people Morrissey drove crazy, Johnny Marr is playing a small club, called Mr. Smalls actually, in Pittsburgh 12 Nov — got my ticket the first day they were on sale in August — still not sold out — but I like his new solo album Messenger (he can’t sing too well live, though, from seeing him on Jools Holland). I can’t decide if it will be packed or it will be me and 20 other Marr-guitar geeks. I think the closest he is getting to you is Atlanta late in November. If Morrissey showed up he would be playing the “enormo-dome” and you couldn’t pay me to go.

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