And now for more typing & vids…

This time around the blog, I wanted to share some things that turned me on when I first saw and heard them. I hope you enjoy ’em as much as I have.

I’ll kick things off with Savages’ great performances on Jimmy Fallon. I was really fired up after seeing them for the first time here. All footage of them live is fantastic. Definitely check out their KEXP performance as well. Their new recording is very good, but I’ve gotta say that actually seeing them play the songs is optimal:

Hubardo, the latest from Kayo Dot, is a really engulfing listen. Vast and thick with great ideas and sound. This track is a fine example:

Episode 1 in a documentary series about the band Ghost (the B.C. is silent). The interview with Papa II cracks me up big-time:

A very well-made short bio-ish piece on Converge’s Jacob Bannon:

Incredible recent footage of one of my favorite guitarists Caspar Brotzmann:

Two versions of a Krallice song that I completely love on all levels. Dimensional Bleedthrough. Studio version:

And live:

And finally, Moog Music  recently announced that they were discontinuing production of their Little Phatty synthesizer. Here’s a very good short doc about that synth’s origins and ultimate ending:

And now . . . back to working on my own music. More on that soon…

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