The Hard Gospel

thgcoverI wanted to do a proper review of The Hard Gospel’s The Commandments Of Morality, but, since I had the honor of getting to go in to do some guest vocals on a couple of the tracks during their recording sessions, I felt a little funny about that. So I scrapped it.

I do have to tell you that this is one of my favorite recordings this year, though. Not just from local/regional bands either. A favorite. Period. When I was at the session, I only got to hear the tracks that I was working on. None of the others. When I downloaded the full-length, I was floored by what I heard.

It’s a fantastic recording, rich with ideas, cross-breeding genres and shoving them right through the wall with punky/metalized/rocking intensity . . . with a thematic arc that pulls everything together. Artwork by the amazing Neal Williams of Epic Problems is truly integrated with the music and is a finely-detailed cherry on top of something that is already well beyond sweet and satisfying.

Give it a listen on The Hard Gospel’s Bandcamp page. It’s pay what you want, and you can certainly pay zero to download it . . . but I would encourage you to directly support artists who care enough to work this hard on something that is of such high quality. It truly rocks, and is riddled with fine ideas and great playing and singing. I find myself listening to it over and over again, each time a little bit happier and well-rocked than the last.

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