Pulp Floyd, Pink Fiction

Pulp_Fiction_cover(Note: I started to write this as one of those “Desert Island Albums” kind of things, but then I got to thinking about things that cover all the realms of what I want out of film or art or music in one fell swoop and figured that might be a better tack to take.)

The first time I saw Pulp Fiction, I loved it . . . simply because there was so much to love. It had everything I wanted in a film, all rolled up into one package. Violence, comedy, horror, incredible characters and a story presented in a fresh way. It made me wish that every film had so many elements so expertly arranged.

Not too long ago, a friend asked me who I would say my favorite band was, if I had to make a decision on one. I didn’t have to think very long. When I told them that it would have to be Pink Floyd, they seemed to think I was joking around (I guess it’s a little out of character, considering some of the more extreme stuff I enjoy). I explained things to them in much the same manner as I just described Pulp Fiction . . . this particular PF having everything that I wanted in music done so well, all at once. Ultimate texture & mood, expert musicianship, rich emotional content, deep delvings into darkness & fantastic dynamics. All done with a master’s touch, even at the beginning of their career. Pink Floyd’s music is a gift that keeps on giving. If their discography was the only one I could take with me forever, I would be just fine.

My personal cutoff point is with the departure of Roger Waters, although they went on to do two more studio recordings without him (A Momentary Lapse of Reason & The Division Bell) that many people love. To me, those Waters-less albums are missing many vital elements that keep me interested. Most folks completely adore those recordings, though, so I’m certainly in the minority with that opinion. The final recording with Waters (The Final Cut) is a favorite of mine that most folks kind of poo-poo as being nothing more than warmed-over material from The Wall, but it still hits me in all the right ways, so go figure.

There you have it. My gushings about my enduring love of Pink Floyd. Nothing special or unique about that at all, really. There’s a pile of love out there for this band . . . and with good reason. They influenced and changed music forever, from their experimentations with sound and songwriting all the way down to their album art design and stage presentations. One of the greats. Pink Floyd definitely carry the wallet with Bad Mother Fucker on it.

pfA few of my favorite Pink Floyd recordings:

A Saucerful Of Secrets



The Final Cut

Wish You Were Here



  1. Tim

    First album I ever paid money for was “Dark Side of the Moon”. I’m with ya 100% on the cutoff. The David Gilmore recent stuff is nuts — he has a band of hundreds musicians while he plays vaguely-Floyd-sounding guitar. I’m glad all those background musicians have a job. But he comes off as kinda pretentious, at least to me.

  2. Marshall Marrotte

    I was introduced to pot and Ummagumma in the same afternoon. Summer, 1979, cousin’s basement bedroom, Technics 1200, crackling vinyl through huge Pioneer speakers, bud broken up on Led Zep II record. Gilmour’s guitar drenched in Binson Echorec delay filled the room…church organs, space sounds, primal drumming all magnified by my first pre-teen exposure to weed. The Wall came out later that year and I bought it at Musicland at the mall.

  3. Marshall Marrotte

    Great writing there Jeff, thanks for reminding me of a great memory and the reasons I dig this group.

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