America, where are you?

ImageFirst off, thanks to all the fine music lovers in Canada, Germany & Norway who have downloaded and ordered from me lately.  It’s so exciting to see music reaching people in far away places. But, I have to ask . . . America where are you? It saddens me that my own country shows very little interest, but the stats I see do not lie.

I’ve recently stopped offering much of my music for free for a variety of reasons . . . the primary being that I pour everything into what I do: my energy, my love, my hate, my thoughts, my feelings, my time and, yes, my money. My favorite artists probably feel much the same way, and I always try to support them as directly as possible, whether that be by paying for downloads, physical media, going to shows when they’re out on the road and even just showing direct interest in where they are going with their work.

But, free or not, I see a real lack of interest from here in the states. I can’t help it . . . it makes me feel bad. Where are people here who are looking for fringe & challenging musics? I certainly understand that what I do isn’t the most palatable thing in the world (most of the time), but damn.

Despite this, I will continue. I’m working on so many things that I hope will see the light of day soon, vibrating your earholes within the year, with any luck. I hope that I can reach someone out there the same way that things reach me.

I am here. Where are you?

Three places to begin listening and supporting:

My bandcamp site

My trio No

C’mon. Have you forgotten what it’s like to seek out, find and hear something that really turns you on? Maybe you have.


  1. Tim

    Keep at it — still a fan! (Your faithful “No” Fan Club President, Pittsburgh Office, Pennsylvania Chapter, USA incorporated club). More seriously, I’ve been helping my daughter’s cover band it is interesting that the “new USA generation” seems very “single” oriented — they think of a liking a song — not of liking a band or a musician. (Realize I’m working on a sample size of four, so “grain of salt” and all that apply). I notice this because they never express any interest in the albums of the bands they like. It’s weird to me, but today it seems dang hard to just lend stuff. Giving these girls a CD is next to useless (Oh you like “Ask” here is “The Queen Is Dead” CD by the Smiths to borrow — “Oh, I don’t have a player for those CD things”) — they need iTunes or Amazon and then have to go through the hassle of loading it up. And my daughter thought a “Beauty And the Beat” album (vinyl) was a small poster. Also the Disney stuff drives me crazy (big rant) they make the kids think that putting out music takes 11 minutes (see any of several pre-teen or teen TV shows they pump out, song is written and played on the radio in no time maybe even a video) — the girls couldn’t believe it took them 10 hours of practice to learn to play one song together and not suck. Extrapolate this to creating new music, and you can see how a lack of understanding of the time/effort involved could develop. Don’t even get me started on the karaoke TV contents!!! (The voice, etc.) Rant over — Rock on Jeff!

  2. Marshall Marrotte

    The mystery has been removed. In it’s place is a public fountain spewing regulation-sized turds, neatly packaged, easily consumed and oh so satisfying. Occasionally a diamond or rare mineral slips through and is found in the tall grass by the curious, the dissenters and the fearless. My friend, you shine brightly. We are on the way.

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